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BART (Behaviour and Response Training) Work Effectively and Safely with People who Use Challenging and High Risk Behaviours (Includes 'An Introduction to Self Protective Behaviour -SPB)

This workshop provides participants with a framework which supports self-responsibility and a whole-of-organisation approach to the management of people who use ‘challenging behaviours’. Participants will explore the factors that may contribute to challenging behaviours and are encouraged to bring examples of challenging behaviour that they have encountered in the workplace.

Challenging behaviour occurs in response to a complex array of often interrelating factors.

It is costly to clients whose behaviour may provide a barrier to their own ability to access care and services. It is costly to organisations because it demands the time and resources of staff on many levels and can on occassions prove costly in terms of lost-time-injury and WorkCover involvement.

Challenging behaviours can increase staff frustration and decrease job satisfaction when managed sub-optimally, and when the behaviour holds risks of injury for staff or others then actual physical and/or psychological injury can occur.


The FACE TO FACE framework we present, allows staff to learn a systematic way of responding to complex and challenging client/resident-related behaviours.


Self-Protective Behaviours (SPB) is a model developed by Andy Kelly which encourages staff to assume responsibility for their own safety from client/resident-related threat, aggression or violence in the workplace. This workshop provides staff opportunities to explore 'challenging behaviours' using real client case scenarios.

In this workshop, participants will;

  • understand the meaning and implications of 'challenging behaviours’

  • explore the causes and maintenance factors of ‘challenging behaviours’

  • understand the principles of Self Protective Behaviours.

  • explore common client-related risk behaviours

  • develop ‘5 R’ (research, Report, Record, Respond, Review) responses to 'challenging behaviours’

  • develop active strategies for working safely with individuals who use high risk 'challenging behaviours'

  • assume self-responsibility for personal health and safety and risk management

  • become clearer about Duty of Care and other responsibilities in reporting, recording and responding to 'challenging behaviours'


  • Please note: ‘Breakaway” techniques are not included in this package but can be if required. Breakaway techniques are not restraint techniques but are escape strategies for staff that allow them to move to a place of safety in order to plan a safer response. Please discuss these with Andy Kelly if you are unsure whether or not they are a good idea for your staff in your organisation.


  • MAXIMUM NUMBER 20 (numbers are dependent on venue size and flexibility as well as Covid policy at the time. please discuss)

  • Duration: 4-7  Hours (Content depth and emphasis varies according to training time and customer requirements)

  • VENUE REQUIREMENTS: Adult training principles used so a large room to accommodate adult staff plus a table and 1 chair for the trainer/facilitator, access to power, screen or wall to show data projection, space for breakout role play, white board

  • (external venues can be used where this is preferable.)

  • Handouts provided

  • Certificates of attendance provided

Speak to Andy Kelly about the issue/s facing your staff or organisation. Call 0448228874

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