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In Health, Aged and Disability Services

In Australia, all citizens are afforded the same rights under law. Maintaining and safe- guarding the rights of people in care can be extremely challenging. Frequently it relates to individuals in care whose own behaviour can cause concern about and present challenges to their safety and the safety of others including staff.

In this workshop, participants learn to:

  • Understand the common causes of Challenging Behaviour (CB) /Behaviour of Concern (BOC)

  • Identify possible contributors for CB/ BOC in the current work setting

  • Recognise and describe CB/BOC and attribute the challenge or concern

  • Identify and recognise Restrictive/Restraint Practices

  • Identify the foreseeable needs of individuals whose care plan features Restrictive/Restraint Practice

  • Practice de-escalation techniques

  • Be introduced to Self-Protective Behaviour (SPB©)

  • Demonstrate an ability to work with others to develop and communicate SPB and Restrictive Practice strategies when required

  • Discuss and clarify the concept of Duty of Care and negligence

  • Identify an hierarchy of least Restrictive Practices and the permissions required for each in the Health, Disability & Aged Care sectors.


  • Duration: 5 Hours (want to negotiate different hours or content? to us)

  • VENUE REQUIREMENTS: Very large room to accommodate 5 tables of 5 plus a table and 1 chair for the trainer/facilitator, access to power, screen or wall to show data projection, space for breakout role play, white board

  • (external venues can be used where this is preferable.)

  • Handouts provided

  • Certificates of attendance provided

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