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Conducting a Mental State Assessment / Conducting a Mini-Mental State Examination 


Mental state assessment is a component of holistic assessment, the assessment of the whole person.


Physical assessment combined with mental state assessment provides staff with an understanding of the total health needs of an individual. Many clinical and non-clinical staff however have never been taught how to conduct mental status assessments and this has resulted in incomplete care and ongoing dependence on mental health professionals for even basic assessments.


Mental Health professionals have learned a framework and process to guide them when assessing an individual’s mental state. This fundamentals of this framework and process can be taught to your staff.


This workshop introduces participants to the Psychiatric Mental Status Examination (PMSE) framework and  process, and provides opportunities  for participants to explore and practice mental state assessment.


Staff who have even a basic understanding of the PMSE framework find that it increases their capacity to engage in more accurate reporting and recording of a client or resident’s mental state and behaviours.


A crucial component of mental assessment is cognitive assessment. The Mini-Mental State Examination workshop enables staff to develop an understanding of two common instruments for assessing cognitive health, the  ‘Mini-Mental’ and the Clock Drawing Task (CDT).

Attendees will also learn about how to deliver a standardised version of the Mini-Mental test and how to use the test results to guide their care and service provision.


Participants will;

  • see how mental status evaluation fits as a component of the complete health assessment of an individual

  • discover and explore the key components of the Psychiatric Mental Status Examination

  • OR

  • develop an understanding of the role that a standardised ‘Mini-Mental’ and Clock Drawing Task can play in assessing cognition,  a crucial aspect of mental function..

  • practice using the Psychiatric Mental State Examination framework and / or the ‘Standardised Mini-mental’ instrument

  • discuss how care plans may be based on the assessment outcomes.

  • develop risk assessment and risk management strategies based on assessment outcomes

  • record and report assessment outcomes


This is a 6 hour workshop (talk to us about a tailored workshop of fewer hours)

Maximum numbers 20 (space and Covid rules dependent)

Resource needs: a large room with cabaret style seating with tables for 5 groups of 5, a screen or wall suitable for data projection, a white board and access to power

Certificate provided for each participant completing the workshop

Handouts included.

Contact us about your specific training need 0448228874

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