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Mental Health First Aid (Standard)

13th & 14th November 2023. More in 2024
Call 02 6684 3374
Visit the Byron Bay Campus,107 Jonson Street, 9.30am - 4.30pm Mon to Fri.   STOP! "If you live or work in NSW, we may have NSW Government subsidised places available ($50.00 Resource Fee only). Click the link HERE to apply or call 02 6684 3374 for more details
BOOK A MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID or related workshop for your business organisation or club

BART (Behaviour and Response Training): (Similar to management of challenging behaviour) TBA 2024

Behaviour and Response Training (BART)

Work Effectively and Safely with People who Use Challenging-and High Risk Behaviours (Includes 'An Introduction to Self-Protective Behaviour -SPB)

BART is suitable for staff who work in residential or community settings within Health, Aged and Disability sectors. BART provides the information and skills necessary to respond safely and effectively to adult care and support clients who use challenging or concerning behaviours.

In BART, participants develop the 4 pillars of professional response to client-related challenging behaviour: Knowledge practices, Behaviour, De-escalation, and Self- Protective Behaviour (SPB).

BART provides a framework to support self-responsibility and a whole-of-organisation approach to client-related behaviours and is based on the ‘Self-Protective Behaviour’ (SPB) model developed by Andy Kelly.  The BART focus is on self-responsibility, safety and professional responses to adult client-related behaviours.

Time: 1 whole day. (9am-5pm)  Call 02 6684 3374 for more details 

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This two day workshop delivered by Andy Kelly will give you better recognition of mental health problems and increased confidence in providing help to others.

Training includes:

  • How to give help to people with mental health problems before crisis develops covering problems such as:

    • Depression

    • Anxiety disorders

    • Psychosis

    • Substance abuse disorders

  • How to give help in crisis situations, including when a person who:

    • Is feeling suicidal

    • Is having panic attacks

    • Recently experienced a traumatic event

    • Has overdosed

The course also helps you learn how to give help in a crisis situation where a person with psychosis may appear threatening.

Mental Health First Aid is a course open to anyone over the age of 18 years.

*The courses we run are delivered consecutively over two days. You must be able to attend both days in order to be eligible for certification and the opportunity to apply for accreditation as a Mental Health First Aider.


Course Information

Duration:2 days

Delivery mode: Face to face

Course Fee Value: Approx $260 per person (minimum of 10 participants)

Course Fee Description: payable by EFT

Maximum of 20 participants, dependent on venue size etc.

Contact us to discuss your training needs: 0448228874,

BOOK A MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID or related workshop for your business organisation or club

What recent participants have said about this course and trainer:

“Andy is very knowledgeable, and the presentation was clear and simple to understand. He was great in explaining the concept of mental health first aid and provided lots of examples to help with understanding the course.”

"The instructor was amazing and very confident in his knowledge. He was very approachable and this was one of the most enjoyable short courses I have participated in. "

“Andy is someone you would want to have around you in the event of a mental health crisis or if you yourself were in need of mental health first aid.”

“Andy was a great instructor, very informative & knowledgeable. Also easy to understand.”

” Andy…his knowledge and understanding of the course was outstanding as well as his dedication to mental health.”

“Excellent instructor, who showed vast knowledge and experience and presented it in a professional, understandable method. Would definitely recommend Andy to anyone!”

“Andy Kelly’s presentation methods and experience was a key factor in the success and value of the training. Very good presenter for this topic.”

“A very engaging and open presenter. Thank you.”

“Thank you for a very informative two days.”

“Andy was great and very open and very approachable. Gave great examples from real life.”

“Andy was great to listen to. I felt engaged and enjoyed how personable and knowledgeable he was.”

“I found the instructor fantastic – so easy, enthusiastic, engaging and willing to answer questions.”

“And was easy to understand, made everyone comfortable with difficult topics and involved the class in role plays where possible.”

“Awesome course. Confident, informative instructor.”

“Enjoyed the relaxed style of learning even though the content was quite comprehensive. Am now keen to learn more.”

”Andy was g fantastic and I would participate in any other course he would present in the future if it was relevant to me. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“The instructor was what made the course. His personal experiences and calm, genuine approach made the course extremely engaging.”

“Good style of presenting and made everyone feel part of the learning process.”

“Great work Andy”

“Excellent presentation style, easy to follow with great realistic examples of experience from his working life”.


"Great knowledge of the topic, presented content well."

"Instructor delivered the course excellently, clearly communicated and used his extensive knowledge to help build on the content."

"Good instructor if someone didn't understand he would explain it clearly he made the course fun."

"Great knowledge of the subject with plenty of stories relating to the subject.

Excellent. Got a lot out of it and would recommend it to any one."


"Andy was extremely knowledgeable with the areas covered. He used real life experiences sympathetically to demonstrate and articulate the material. He has a pleasant nature and invited participation at every opportunity."

"The instructor was brilliant in the technique he introduced the training from the unclear to the known. The practical ways he engages with the us and myself in particular showed his years of experience in teaching this training. I think engagement with fellow colleagues also made me understand the first aid training in Mental Health."

"The instructor was clearly extremely knowledgeable and brought the topic to life with stories and examples. Just really engaging with the group and very willing to answer all questions thoroughly."


"I found it amazingly insightful and very engaging with just so much to learn. Thank you Andy for being so inspiring and emphatic, knowledgeable and very will to share that knowledge and expertise."

"The trainer! In years gone by I have done this training and the trainer was very much about reading the PowerPoint and going through the motions. In the past we finished at 3pm on both days. This time around was completely different. Andy was engaging and dynamic and clearly value added to the material he was

working with. So lucky to have booked in to his classes."

"The strengths for me are the teaching experience of the instructor, power point and video presentations, interactions during the course and subsequent breaks at intervals during the course. I think the overall response was welcoming, engaging and crystal clear enough for participant of the training exercise in understanding how to perform first aid Mental Health."

"I think I am often reticent to book in to things because it can be so hit and miss. The person up the front either brings it to life or it can be hours of ‘dead in the water’ Really need to be very careful as to who you allow to teach this stuff. Some people just do not measure up in any way, shape or form. Andy is one in a

million! Hang on to him!"


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