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Depression is common, disabling and affects physical, mental and emotional health.

It is closely associated with the chronic illnesses that often effect people as they age and it increases the likelihood of further illness, hospitalisation, disability, premature death and suicide. Carers of older individuals with depression often feel unsure about what measures they might and should take to assist them.


This workshop examines depression and the way it presents in the older person (including those with dementia) and offers recommendations towards care plans and actions that may be helpful to the individual.


Participants will;

  • explore some of the identifiable characteristics of the depressed older person

  • come to understand how recent and traditional theory about depression can provide ideas to guide care and care planning

  • discuss and clarify duty of care requirements

  • learn what to do and who to contact when an older person expresses clear and not so clear expressions of their wish to be dead.

  • learn to describe the behaviours that are seen in the depressed person to aid in reporting and recording.

  • explore appropriate referral sources

  • learn to document evidence of depression for referral, reporting and recording





MAXIMUM PARTICPANTS: 25 (space and Covid policy dependent)

VENUE REQUIREMENTS: Large space for teaching and role play,

seating and tables cabaret style (4-5 to a table) plus 1 table for the

trainer/facilitator, white board, screen or wall space to show data projection,

power source.




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