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ELDER ABUSE AND NEGLECT: Recognition, response and Duty of Care


This workshop illustrates the trend of Elder Abuse in Australia and assists staff to recognise signs which may suggest Elder Abuse or Neglect.


Health and Allied Health professionals and residential and community aged care services staff need to be conscious of the phenomenon of Elder Abuse. They need to be able to understand which behaviours may constitute abuse or neglect and to be clearer about their professional and legal responsibilities when responding to it. Laws differ in their application to older people in residential and community care and workers asre required to understand their responsibilities under these laws.


In this workshop participants will;

  • -understand the accepted definition of Elder Abuse & Neglect

  • -recognise signs which may suggest abuse and/or neglect

  • -understand their Duty of Care when responding to possible indications of abuse or neglect

  • -understand staff responsibilities as set out by the Australian Department of Health

  • and Ageing

  • -understand how to report and record evidence on which to determine whether abuse

  • or neglect has occurred

  • -explore the foreseeable consequences of reporting for staff, the client/resident and

  • others

  • -explore the common barriers to reporting of abuse and neglect of older person




  • DURATION: 6 Hours

  • VENUE REQUIREMENTS: Large room to accommodate 5 tables of 5 plus a table and 1 chair for the trainer/facilitator, access to power, screen or wall to show data projection, white board

  • Handouts provided

  • Certificates of attendance provided





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