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FACE TO FACE may be just what you are looking for to assist you to find that way through your current impasse. Looking for personal support while you deal with increasing pressures, We can help you examine alternatives that may make the difference.



Providing services or care for some individuals can be very challenging indeed. When managed sub-optimally, these clients can demand attention and resources to a degree which is unsustainable, stressful, exhausting, frustrating and not cost effective. Where the challenging behaviours hold risk to staff, staff satisfaction also suffers and the risk of injury increases. Too often these circumstances go on and on , increasing ongoing demand on staff at all levels as the organisation struggles for a an acceptable solution.


FACE TO FACE can assist clinicians and community services workers to more effectively manage those individuals who present with behaviours which threaten their access to

services, pose a risk to themselves or pose risks to the health and safety of others.


Working with the case coordinator and staff directly involved, FACE TO FACE will develop care and service strategies designed to produce optimal health outcomes and to reduce the risk and or challenges associated with a specific client.



FACE TO FACE can also introduce a systematic way for staff in your organisation to address issues arising from individuals with complex care needs and challenging behaviours. Working with your staff on a current client, staff will learn a process which they can apply with similar clients in the future.

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