Professional boundary incursions and violations can leave clients, staff and service organisations vulnerable to abuse, and at risk for professional, funder and legal sanctions.


In this workshop, participants will;

  • explore and clarify the boundary issues and risks associated with providing professional services and care

  • clarify the difference between boundary crossings, incursions and violations

  • recognise and explore common, obvious and more subtle forms of boundary crossing

  • explore the foreseeable impact of boundary transgressions on staff and on others in relation to Duty of Care.

  • explore ways to reduce the likelihood of boundary transgressions and violations, and how to respond if they do occur.

  • explore and develop insight into the ‘system’ and personality factors which may contribute to boundary problems 

  • have the opportunity to review the policies of their own organisations where these exist (in-house presentations only)




  • DURATION: 3-5 Hours

  • VENUE REQUIREMENTS: Large room to accommodate 5 tables of 5 plus a table and 1 chair for the trainer/facilitator, access to power, screen or wall to show data projection, white board

  • Handouts provided

  • Certificates of attendance provided

Maintaining Professional Boundaries

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